NetStumbler Compatibility

NetStumbler Compatibility List

This page contains a list of hardware/firmware/driver/software combinations that are known to work with NetStumbler and MiniStumbler. This list is still being assembled, and you can help!

If NetStumbler 0.4 is working for you, please start and stop scanning, then while connected to the internet select Help Send Compatibility Report... to submit your configuration information to this web site. The information you send will not be stored in such a way that you might be identified, and the resulting data will appear here only in aggregate form and will not be shared elsewhere. Your privacy matters to us. Thanks!

Cards that have been reported to work

The following table contains the cards most commonly reported as working properly on NetStumbler 0.4 on Windows XP. They are listed in order of the number of unique reports received, with the most "popular" cards towards the top. Note that this does not make them the best cards for you to use; it just means that lots of users sent in reports for them. The "Win2K" column indicates if any reports were for Windows 2000. Since this accounts for around 10% of reports, a "No" in that column does not necessarily mean that it won't work, just that nobody sent a report for it. The author has not tested all of these cards personally.


General Guidelines

If your card is not listed in the table, the following can be considered "rules of thumb".

NetStumbler 0.4.0

Windows XP, 2000, or later are recommended.

The ORiNOCO "Classic" (Proxim model 8410) and newer 802.11b card (Proxim model 8420), along with their OEM versions, should work on Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95, and Server 2003.

On Windows XP, most 802.11b, 802.11a, and 802.11g adapters should work. They may also work on Windows 2000 with recent drivers installed.

Old 11b-only devices from Symbol and 3Com are unlikely to work.

MiniStumbler 0.4.0

Supported platforms are PocketPC 2002, PocketPC 3.0, HPC2000. Windows Mobile 2003 does not work yet; it will be supported in the next release.

The ORiNOCO "Classic" (Proxim model 8410) and newer 802.11b card (Proxim model 8420) work with driver version 7.0 or better. The OEM cards work too (you may have to use the ORiNOCO driver 'WLLUC46' if the manufacturer did not provide one)

Many Prism and Atmel based cards should work.

The Dell Truemobile 1180 CF card works. and Socket SDIO card works.

Some devices with built in 802.11b work, such as the Toshiba e740.

The HP iPAQ 5450 series is not supported. You may be able to get it to work with the oldest ROM and original drivers, but those have bugs that make it hard to use.