Mini Stumbler v0.3.23 (beta)

Marius Milner <>

This package contains Mini Stumbler, which is Network Stumbler for the Pocket PC. It is still undergoing prerelease testing and is provided to you as a convenience. If you don't like it, or if you feel that it doesn't quite do what you want, you are free to delete it.

Installation instructions

There is no install package yet. Simply copy the file to your device, either into \windows\start menu or \windows\start menu\programs.


Hardware Requirements

You must have one of the supported cards listed below.

Cards that work Cards that might work Cards that do not work
Mini Stumbler 0.3.23 works on the following cards using the Hermes chipset:
  • Lucent Technologies WaveLAN/IEEE (Agere ORiNOCO)
  • Compaq WL110

Please note that driver version 7.X or above is required.

Other Hermes cards may work. Please let me know if your card is not listed but does work. The following cards are NOT SUPPORTED in this release:
  • 3com
  • Cisco
  • Compaq WL100
  • Dell TrueMobile 1100 Series
  • D-Link
  • IBM built-in cards
  • Intel
  • Intermec
  • Linksys
  • Symbol
  • SMC
  • Sony built-in cards
  • Any 802.11a cards
  • Many others

I hope to get support for some of them in later releases.

Firmware Requirements

The WaveLAN firmware (version 4.X and below) does not work with Network Stumbler. If your card has this version, you are advised to upgrade to the latest version available from This will also ensure compatibility with the 802.11b standard.

Operating System Requirements

Operating Systems that work Operating Systems that might work Operating Systems that do not work
  • Pocket PC 3.0
  • Pocket PC 2002
No other versions have been tested yet. Not known.

Other Requirements and Compatibility Issues

If you have a system that should work according to these requirements, but does not work, please contact me at the address above. 

Troubleshooting Mini-FAQ

Q1. Network Stumbler reports "No wireless card found". Why?
A1. Please check the compatibility lists above.
Q2. Why doesn't Network Stumbler see the access point right next to my machine?
A2. Perhaps the access point is configured not to respond to broadcast probes.
Q3. What 802.11 frames does Network Stumbler send?
A3. It sends out a broadcast probe about once a second, and reports the responses. When it is connected to a BSS network, it will attempt to get the name of the access point. When it is connected to an IBSS network, it will try to get the names of all locally visible peers.
Q4. Does Network Stumbler listen for beacons?
A4. Not this version.
Q5. Does Network Stumbler put my card into promiscuous mode?
A5. Not this version.
Q6. Why does Network Stumbler disconnect me from the network?
A6. If you have "Options->Reconfigure card automatically" checked, it will configure your card with a profile that uses a null SSID and BSS mode (It will not change your WEP settings). Also, when it sees another network that has a better signal than the one you're connected to, it may disconnect the current connection so that it can get the AP name on the other network.
Q7. Does Network Stumbler detect ROR and COR installations?
A5. No. They are not fully compliant with 802.11b and therefore are not visible to Network Stumbler.

Short and Simple User License

This program is BeggarWare. You may use it without any formal obligation to the author, except that you may not sell it to anybody.

If you like the program and feel that you've received some benefit from it, and want to help me develop future versions, then you may pay as much as you feel the program is worth. If you are using this as part of your work, you are encouraged to help - particularly if it has alerted you to security problems. You are not obligated to pay for it.

You can pay by going to and making a payment to If you've never signed up with PayPal then put me in as the person who referred you. Alternatively you can help by sending me hardware that could work with Network Stumbler but doesn't.

This tool is a two-edged sword. If you use it for defense, the author is not responsible for any damage that you may receive. If you use it for attack, the author is not responsible for any damage that you may cause.

The author reserves the right to change this license agreement as he sees fit, without notice.