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Sat 31 Aug 2002

MFC42 errors
Q: I get the message The NETSTUMBLER.EXE file is linked to missing export MFC42.DLL:6625 when I run NetStumbler on Windows 95. What's wrong?
A: You have an outdated version of MFC42.DLL. Please download this version and copy it to your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

Thu 29 Aug 2002

MiniStumbler installation
Q: How do I install MiniStumbler on an iPaq?
A: Copy the executable from the "ARM" subdirectory of the zip file onto your device. Create a shortcut or place it directly on the Start Menu.

Tue 27 Aug 2002

CompactFlash cards
Q: What CompactFlash cards are supported by MiniStumbler/NetStumbler?
A: None.

Mon 26 Aug 2002

Can I sell NetStumbler?
Q: Can I sell CDs containing NetStumbler or MiniStumbler?
A: No. Please read the license, which can be found both in the about box and in the readme file. Please contact me for permission to redistribute the software. I usually deny all requests, with one exception (publishers of magazines or books that include a cover CD).

Sat 24 Aug 2002

MiniStumbler GPS lockups
Q: I set my GPS to COM3 and now MiniStumbler locks up. How do I fix this?
A: This is the result of unexpected behavior by the Windows CE serial drivers. It will be fixed in the next version of MiniStumbler. In the meantime, you can set your system back to COM1 as follows:

  1. Install a registry editor (such as PHM Registry Editor)

  2. Go to HKCU\Software\Bogosoft\MiniStumbler

  3. Set the value of GPS Port to 1.

Fri 23 Aug 2002

Scripting Guide
Q: How do I use Netstumbler's new scripting feature?
A: Start by reading the Scripting Guide. Try looking at some of the scripts that other users have posted here.

Thu 22 Aug 2002

When will you support Prism cards?
Q: When will cards such as D-Link, Linksys, Netgear be supported?
A: If you are using Windows XP, they are already supported in version 0.3.30. If you are using Windows 2000, this version may possibly work for you too. If you are on Windows Me, 98 or 95, it will not work for you.

Sun 18 Aug 2002

At last! 0.3.30 is here!
NetStumbler 0.3.30 is now available. Download here, or read the readme file.

Sat 17 Aug 2002

Hey! Why two web sites?
Q: Why do both and exist, and have different content?
A: is marius's personal soapbox, with easy-to-find status information. is an online community, providing news and forums for Netstumbler users.

Thu 15 Aug 2002

Worldwide WarDrive
There will be a worldwide coordinated WarDrive on August 31. Read more here.
NetStumbler status
This week I am cleaning up some of the loose ends in version 0.3.30. When this is done, I will make it available. This version will work with the new drivers from windowsupdate, unlike version 0.3.23.
MiniStumbler status
All you HPC2000 users: as soon as I have figured out how to make a Windows CE install package, I will be able to give you a version that supports CE 2.11.

Wed 14 Aug 2002

Welcome to!
This site will give you the most current information available about the development of the NetStumbler and MiniStumbler software.
The general idea is that this will be a highly condensed version of the information that you find at
There's not much here yet, so check back soon.

Mon 5 Aug 2002

FBI warns against 802.11
This email came to me via a number of sources. If you're familiar with wireless, nothing here will surprise you. However, for the folks that go to Fry's to buy a cheap AP and unwittingly blow holes in their company's LAN security, this should be required reading (as should the article at extremetech).

Thu 1 Aug 2002

What is NetStumbler?

Q. What is Netstumbler?

A. NetStumbler is a Windows tool that allows you to discover 802.11b (and 802.11a, if using Windows XP) wireless LANs. It includes GPS integration and a simple, intuitive user interface.
Though primarily targeted at owners of wireless LANs, it has been the de facto tool for casual users such as "war drivers" since 2001.

NetStumbler 0.3 won the eWeek / PC Magazine i3 award for Innovation In Infrastructure, 2002.
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