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Fri 25 Apr 2003

Prism drivers for Windows CE
Q: I have a Windows CE device and a card with an Intersil Prism2/2.5/3 chipset. The card manufacturer does not provide drivers for Windows CE. How do I get it working?
A: You can download the generic Prism drivers from Senao's web site (HPC2000, PocketPC here; CE.NET 3.0 here, CE.NET 4.0 here). Install the driver and then insert the card. When you see the "Unrecognized Card" dialog box, enter PRISMNDS as the driver name.
Additional tip: If you have a device with only a Type 1 CF slot, most Prism devices in the PC card format can be used in it with a CF-to-PCCard adapter. You can also use Type 2 CF cards in a type 1 slot this way, if you have a PCCard-to-CF adapter too.

Wed 16 Apr 2003

How to develop your own
Q: How can I develop an application like Netstumbler/Ministumbler?
A: See the following web sites.

Mon 14 Apr 2003

256MB CF cards going cheap
Amazon is selling the Viking 256MB CompactFlash Card for about $40 (price varies daily) after rebates.
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