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Sat 23 Nov 2002

Wi-Fi speed spray: test results
The folks here at the NetStumbler engineering laboratory got some WiFi Speed Spray. We found that the manufacturer's claims are not quite accurate. The bandwidth of our test equipment, rated at 42 bogobits per second, was not improved, and indeed the spray appears to have caused the laboratory's LAN to launch a denial of service attack on itself. We did find, however, that the spray is good for giving your vehicle that "new car smell". Also it works on children and pets, giving them that "newborn baby smell" and "cute puppy vomit smell".

Wed 13 Nov 2002

Whitepaper on WLAN scanning
Finally, there's a well written paper about the characteristics of various WLAN scanning tools.

Mon 4 Nov 2002

D-Link DWL-650+
Q: Did you know that the D-Link DWL-650+ card does not work with NetStumbler?
A1: Yes. I have one and will get it working when I have time.
A2: Updated drivers from D-Link are reported to fix this.
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